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Stephen Dow, President of NetSpeak Solutions: NH MA Mobile and Responsive Web Design and Marketing Solutions Company.

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NetSpeak Solutions has been helping implement effective web marketing and design strategies for online businesses since 2002. We'll help build your brand, generate targeted traffic, and help you determine / measure your business KPIs (key performance indicators).

Our personalized internet marketing services include business consulting, online video marketing, copy writing, social media network building, technical SEO (search engine optimization), mobile web design / development, multi-network advertising, and web analytics reporting (to help you gauge and adapt your online performance).

Website Design for the Mobile Device Revolution

Did you know that by the end of 2014 initial web searches and online purchases are forecast to primarily come from tablets and smartphones? Did you also know that 10-30% of ALL CURRENT website traffic comes from smartphones and tablets - and that this is forecast to increase? It's true.

This shift in device use has caused big changes in how Google views marketing and web design. For example, you now need to have a "fast-loading" mobile-compatible website ALONG WITH an appropriate balance of text (copy), video content, visual imagery, social media utilization, e-mail marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization techniques. To see how to adjust your marketing efforts, you also need analytics reporting.

Properly catering to what Google and your users expect from a website is the key to being found in organic search, in optimizing site visits, in generating sales, and in order to optimize your "return-on-investment" (ROI). And that's exactly what we're all about!

"Old style" fixed-width website (that require mobile users to pinch and move a site around their screens) is no longer acceptable to either your visitors or to Google. Today you need a website that "adjusts to a user's mobile screen size, resolution and orientation.

For this, you must choose one of three approaches; mobile apps, mobile-dedicated sites (which both require separate laptop / desktop version sites too by the way), OR you can use a responsive web design approach (called RWD). Responsive web design is the best solution for most businesses because it requires just one website and one domain name. It's also recommended by Google and Bing!

A responsive website design is so often used because it can actually morph its appearance to fit any device screen size and orientation. Unlike mobile apps or dedicate mobile sites, you don't have to update to each device app and the main website. Updating one set of files works for ALL devices!

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More On Our Integrating Marketing and Analytics Services

If you simply hire a web designer and launch some website that you "feel" looks great, then don't expect potential customers to simply "find your site." This is because designers don't understand SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, social media, advertising and blogging. This means search engines can't rank you optimally (or at all). By integrating marketing with web design, you can build "organic traffic" into the plan. Then you can also build brand awareness and ultimately - sales! At a minimum, advertising may also be needed (in the beginning) to build instant traffic - until your site can generate its own organic traffic.

Our organic marketing strategies are based upon a "hub-and-spoke" approach - with your website as the central hub. This is also called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing depends upon fresh site / blog copy, focused video content, great imagery, social media "word-of-mouth," and SEO. As users come to your site, your navigation setup must be clear and intuitive in order to make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.

To ultimately determine what types of content, social media networks, and advertising is best for you, we start out with what we know works. From there we analyze how visitors behave while on your site. Then we adjust accordingly. The last piece is what our web analytics reporting is all about! True "closed-loop" control.

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